2 Bedroom Bungalow/ 3 Bedroom storey/ 5 Bedroom Storey with A/C For Rent

GMD 870,000  £19,750 €25,580 $30,000

Bedrooms : 12
Kerr Serign  
Code : HR 071 - Available

   This is a newly built compound with three separated houses, 3 bedroom storey, 5 bedroom storey with air conditioners, and a two bedroom bungalow for rent. This compound is located in a very nice and a quite place.

              The 3 bedroom story consisted of  lounge, dining room Master bedroom,  guest toilet and shower,large garage enough space for two cars. Top floor consisted of a lounge, two master bedrooms each with a balcony. This house is with a separate boys quarters, this includes a kitchen, bedroom, and toilet. Together with a bantaba............

           The 5 bedroom consisted of Lounge  dining room, kitchen, laundary room, master bedroom, guest room with a dressing room and a toilet, with a balcony. Top floor, consisted of two master bedrooms with dressing rooms and a balcony each, and a  lounge. This bedrooms are all with air conditions together with the lounge and dining area. This house has its own sepetate boys quarters with own kitchen, bedroom, and a toilet  and bantaba. 

           The 2 bedroom bungalow, includes a lounge dining room, kitchen and store, one bedroom,a guest toilet, one master bedroom both bathrooms with water heaters, a car park, and a boys quarter with own bedroom, kitchen and a toilet.